Recommendations to travel to Guyana

Guyana is an ideal destination for nature lovers, as it is full of forests, mountains, amazing waterfalls and exceptional flora and fauna. However, it is opportune that you inform yourself about all the precautions that you must take before embarking on your trip in this sense we offer recommendations to travel to Guyana and that your experience is a success.


There are some vaccines that we recommend you apply before traveling to Guyana. According to the statements of WHO and ISTM you should be vaccinated against typhoid hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, rabies, polio, measles mumps, rubella and influenza.

Below we offer you a little more information about the methods of contagion of this disease:

  • Is typhoid and hepatitis a can be contracted through contaminated water and food.
  • Hepatitis b is only transmitted through contaminated body fluids.
  • Yellow fever can can be contracted from mosquito bites
  • Rabies is obtained through the bite of infected animals.
  • Polio can be contracted from contaminated food water
  • Measles, mumps and rubella any go by various factors.
  • Influenza is transmitted through the air in microparticles that usually travel when sneezing coughing through small drops of saliva.

Diseases to avoid during your trip

Some diseases for which there is no vaccine, an example of this is diarrhea. However, can you bring a kit with everything you need to attend to it in case it happens.

The zika virus is also very common in Guyana, to avoid contracting this disease it is recommended that you use mosquito repellent, especially in the case of pregnant women who should avoid traveling to this destination.

Another recommendation is to take anti-malaria medication, you can get information from your trusted specialist to choose the most appropriate one.

Visa to travel to Guyana

According to the country from which you come, you should check if you need to apply for a visa in addition to the passport with a validity of -6 months for the date of departure.

If you are traveling for business reasons, you must ensure that you carry with you a letter explaining the purpose of your visit.

It is appropriate to tell you that a departure tax of $2,500 Guyanese must be paid. guyanese AND an estimated 1500 airport security fee. Only local currency payment is supported in local currency.

The requirements you need to enter Guyana are;

  • A passport Valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry and a blank page.
  • Compulsory vaccination against yellow fever

What’s the weather like?

According to the season and according to the date you decide to visit this destination, it will be convenient to know the environmental conditions to prepare the appropriate clothing.

In Guyana there is a wet season that extends from April to August and from December to February. However, in the southern sheets the climate does not manifest itself in this way.

In general, the temperature remains quite stable in this tropical country. They tend to be high, with prominent humidity and rain. However, the winds from the coast sometimes cause changes in it. sense and It may be a little colder during the months of July and August.

It is safe?

That part of informing you that robberies, murders and petty crimes are frequent in Guyana, so you should stay vigilant and make sure you travel with a tour guide who canĀ guarantee your safety by keeping you in the most suitable places for tourists.

If you visit Georgetown Fundamental keep your attention. all the belongings you take with you to avoid theft and it never hurts to leave the most valuable objects in the hotel safe where you are waiting for you.

Additionally, you must be very careful of your luggage during arrival in Guyana to prevent them from becoming involved in any crime related to narcotics, do not allow anyone to approach your suitcase and make sure you bring the necessary cash, the rest you can use it in the form of cards which are more secure.

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