Travelling to Guyana?

  1. Book your ticket with an airline of your choice
  2. Do a molecular biological PCR test within 7 days of travel.
  3. Your test must be negative.  If the test was done within 72 hours of travel, you will not be required to do another test upon arrival.
  4. If the test was done within 4-7 days of travel, passengers will be retested upon arrival in Guyana. NB. The passenger will bear the cost for the second test:
    • A cost of US$85.00 is payable at check-in with partnering airlines.
    • If payments are not made during the check-in process with airlines, a cost of US$85.00 or equivalent of G$16,000.00 will be payable upon arrival to Guyana.
    • Cash and all major Credit Card are accepted.
    • Advance payments can be made using this link https://covidtestingguyana.com/

5. Complete the Passenger Locator Form at least 24 hours before travel.

6. Present your travel documents and negative PCR test result to airline representative at the time of checking in and at boarding and upon arrival in Guyana.


Before You Travel To Guyana, Please note the Following:
  1. Rapid Test, anti-body or antigen tests are NOT acceptable for travel to Guyana
  2. Passengers are required to wear an approved face mask on the aircraft and at the airport.
  3. Children under 2 years old are not recommended to wear mask.
  4. Children under 2 years old travelling with parents or other authorised adults who have tested negative are not required to be tested
  5. Children above 2 years old must present a valid negative molecular biological PCR Test result.
  6. No child below the age of thirteen (13) years old is required to be retested upon arrival in Guyana
  7. All persons must provide a valid local telephone number verifiable by Port Health. Each passenger is required to call a port Health provided number for verification
  8. All persons tested must remain in quarantine until they receive their results
    Results are received within 4 to 6 hours of sample collection. Persons who test positive must isolate either in a suitable home, hotel or government isolation facility.
  9. Persons making a false declaration or presenting false information will face prosecution under the laws of Guyana.
  10. Persons refusing to comply with health requirements and safety measures will also face prosecution under the laws of Guyana.

Requirements For Entry Into Guyana

All travellers to Guyana must complete a pre-arrival Online Passenger Locator form at least 24 hours before arrival. This online form will include personal health information for any disease including COVID-19.

All persons travelling to Guyana must take a molecular biological PCR test within 7 days prior to arrival in order to enter the country.  PCR Test results must be submitted electronically here and travellers are required to present a copy of the test results bearing their name at the airline check in counter and upon arrival in Guyana

Procedures On Arrival

Masks must be worn at all times while at the airport. Passengers will be subjected to a disinfecting or decontaminating process upon disembarking the aircraft at a designated booth established by the Airport operator and Port Health Authority

All passengers travelling to Guyana are required to obtain a negative COVID-19 test (negative molecular biological PCR test) results within seven (7) days prior to travel from a recognized medical institution or lab in the originating State.

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