What to see in Guyana?

If you are planning your next vacation, you will be interested in knowing what to see in Guyana, this South American country has a lot to offer its visitors, do not miss it.

Kaieteur Falls

One of the most impressive attractions of Guyana is its nature that makes it located in a privileged place in the Amazon of South America.

Accessing this waterfall known as Kaieteur Falls is not easy at all, and precisely the challenge it entails is what attracts adventurous tourists.

However, you can also choose to get to know it during a plane trip, whatever alternative you choose, we guarantee that the view will be worth it.

St george’s cathedral

This cathedral, located in the capital of Guyana known as Georgetown, has been built with an English colonial influence that has given it a very special attraction.

According to historical records, structures like these are evidence of the passage of the English settlers who were during the 19th century in this region of the planet.

It has been built in wood and painted white on the outside, which gives it a very attractive spiritual touch. It is also very well preserved, which is why it is worth visiting during your next trip.

Promenade gardens

Also in Georgetown is this one peaceful garden where you can relax and take beautiful pictures surrounded by nature.

Have been made up of flowers, trees, and precious statues. It is ideal for walking, breathing fresh air and sunbathing.

The Guianese usually spend their weekends in this garden, so you will have the opportunity to learn about the customs of the place.

Guyana Botanical Park

If you like nature, this is the ideal place to get to know the fauna and flora of Guyana. Since most of the native animals of Guyana are found in the wild, this park actually only has a small sample of what inhabits the country.

However, it is an ideal visit to relax and have fun watching, these animals with living in a natural environment.

Stabroek Market

This is a popular market where you can also find everything at the best price, quite influential in terms of its cultural value to the city of Georgetown.

If you want to live like a Guyanese, this is the right place to learn about their culture and customs.

Further it is made up of a building whose exterior appearance, is quite attractive because it also shows a colonial style.

Walter road anthropological museum

In this museum you can learn more about the ancient indigenous tribes that lived in Guyana, their history, their customs and the influence they have had on the society of this country.

Inside there is a very interesting art collection, and all of this is housed in an extremely attractive old colonial-style building.

The beach Shell

Guyana is bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, so it is not surprising that being a tropical country you find some of the best beaches to relax.

Our recommendation is that you go to Playa Shell, where the local animals live in freedom and with luck you will meet a turtle during a walk along the seashore.

Guyana parliament

In another colonial style building located in Georgetown you will find this imposing symbol of freedom and democracy. It is located in the center of the city and is considered one of the most beautiful and representative of colonial art in Guyana.

The Georgetown Lighthouse

To the east of the capital of Guyana is this imposing lighthouse, although it is not surprising, it also has a colonial style and it is painted with striking red and white colors.

If you have time during your next visit, we recommend that you climb to the top of this lighthouse to appreciate the beautiful views of this privileged place.

The Island Sloth

As we have mentioned before, Guyana is a country of beautiful natural wealth. Sloth Island is located near the capital along a river and surrounded by wild flora in which the most live interesting and adorable animals of this region

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