The best of Georgetown

During your next visit to goiana make sure you get to know the best of Georgetown. To make things easier for you, we have created this list of recommendations with the places you cannot miss.

St. George’s Cathedral

It is one of the most attractive buildings in the capital of Guyana, which has been built in a colonial style. And it has a white color in all its exterior facade. It is precisely located on Church Street, so you can’t get lost.

And if you find it charming from the outside, when you enter you will be even more dazzled by its beauty.

Much more than a religious temple, some consider that this church is actually a work of art, especially due to the stained glass windows that provide a lighting particularly spiritual.

Botanical Garden

You can visit this garden at no cost and spend a quiet day surrounded by nature. You will find a small lake where you can see some fish if you look carefully.

In addition, here is the mausoleum of Linder Forbes Samsung Burham, who was president of Guyana and founder of the PPP opposition party.

Guyana Zoo

Right next to the Botanical Garden you will find this zoo, whose entrance fee is $200 Guyanese or $1 American.

Here you can meet some of the native animals of the region, their behavior and habitat.

If you like nature, the best thing you can do is include a garden and a zoo in your travel itinerary. Go ahead and live a different experience, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and meet friendly animals.

Promenade walk gardens

This is another Botanical Garden in which you can stroll and appreciate the beauty of the floral, fruit and vegetable species of the region, particularly draws attention to a tree with an ancient appearance which lets its vines hang defying gravity in a beautiful natural act.

Guyanese National Museum

The entrance to this museum is free and we recommend you visit it so you can learn about the Guyanese culture. But that’s not all you’ll also find important references about its flora, fauna, history and even means of transport.

One of the places that attracts the most attention inside this museum and the room of the Giant Sloth, also known as the megaterium, which has a full-scale representation of this magnificent creature that was believed to be alive hundreds of years ago.

The Walter Roth Museum

This is a museum where you can learn about the ancient tribes that inhabited the place as well as the influence they had on current Guyanese society. Admission is free, but you can not take pictures, however, you will see many of the instruments, objects and clothing of the tribes.

Market is Stabroek

You are in a market where you will find anything at the best price however, you must be very careful of your belongings to avoid any theft it is very frequented by locals and tourists I fear that you can live as if you were an inhabitant of Guyana.

Meet the Pier

Cities that are near the sea always have a boardwalk where people gather to celebrate or just have a good time while receiving the lulling breeze from the coast on their faces.

It is a promenade where you can walk Along the roadside while on the other side are the waters of the sea, it is quite extensive And although visually it does not seem very attractive Without a doubt it is a 2 meter promenade in the that you will be able to appreciate the particular charm of Georgetown.

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