Top 10 typical foods of Guyana

In this top 10 typical foods of Guyana we will show you the most delicious dishes that you can taste during your visit to this tropical country.


This dish is originally from India, similar to a round and flat tortilla, it is prepared with corn flour and can it be accompanied with vegetables or meat.

It is so easy to prepare and so versatile that is the favorite dish for those who have little time to eat and wanting to find a recipe low in calories.

Fish cake

It is a dish very similar to croquettes, which is prepared with slices of fish and ñame. And accompanied with spices that give it flavor At the time of frying it to get that crispy cover.

the origin of this recipe comes from the United Kingdom and is a sample of the cultural footprint that has remained in Guyana in terms of gastronomy, fish broth

If you want to eat something hot and delicious, fish broth is available in Guyana throughout the year. It is a very complete dish because it includes all the food groups such as fish and seafood vegetables. This is the ideal dish if you need to replenish energy and calm your appetite.

In general, the local gastronomy is a mixture of traditional cultures from the European and American continents. so the food available in Guyana, it may be very different from what you have tried before.


This is a stew very representative of Guyana which is prepared with beef cut into small pieces, vegetable pieces and egg or cream sauce, is it an ideal dish for lunch or dinner. Varieties such as chicken and beef fricassee can even be found in restaurants in the capital.


This is one of the typical Guyanese desserts, it is considered as a snack and a small portion it gives you a significant amount of energy, it is a sweet and flattened cake that is prepared from coconut wheat flour and brown sugar.

Chicken foot

This is another ideal snack to enjoy at any time of the day. Its name is due to the fact that its shape imitates a chicken leg but in reality it is prepared with wheat flour, water and salt. Spices such as curry cumin and pepper are usually added.

Creamed shrimps

This is one of the most delicious dishes that you can taste in Guyana, of course, it consists of shrimp that have been damaged in a mixture of Sherry, egg yolks and cream, and then fry them and accompany them with white rice. It is the ideal dish for a typically Williams soup lunch. of crab.

This soup is as tempting as it is appetizing. It is prepared from crab and other sea products, which will provide you with excellent nutritional qualities. It is accompanied with chili pepper milk and other special rights to achieve its flavor.

Creole pea soup

Another of the most popular typical Guyanese dishes is eaten as main dish accompanied by white rice or roti. In this case the sour recipe influenced by holland and in its beginnings it used to be prepared as a puree of peas which was then cooked until it became a thick green cream ideal for consumption during the winter.

Although it seems very simple, it usually takes some time to prepare, because first the peas must be cleaned and left to soak for a few hours in the water. Then the meat must be cooked together with the spices and celery. Everything is cooked slowly to get the perfect finish. Finally it is processed and served hot.

Chicken breasts with vinegar sauce

Although it seems simple, it is extremely delicious and is usually consumed in Guyana as part of lunch or dinner. It is a combination of ingredients that offers a very particular culinary experience.

And it includes ingredients like chicken, onion and cornstarch, vinegar, butter and some pepper.

It is one of the most requested dishes in the country. Well, locals and visitors love to taste these golden breasts that are bathed in the garnish prepared with a vinegar base. In any restaurant in the area, you can taste it in combination with other ingredients

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